Nov 19, 2009

lovely pink

My birthday was more than 2 weeks ago but due to some different time and schedule in our school; my very dear friend Zeena just gave me her birthday gift to me yesterday.
Actually I knew already that she had a gift for me but I didn't know what kind until yesterday finally she found me in our cafeteria with my Filipina friends. She gave me a very cute and very lovely pink t-shirt. She knows that blue and pink are my favorite colors so she said the pink that she chose to give me is the perfect one.

Yes I love pink and blue and I’m very happy to receive another gift yesterday and a lovely pink t-shirt is perfect choice. Of course my other gifts are perfect also.

Thank you Zeena for the gift. I'm grateful that you still remember my favorite colors. You know that even if we're not classmates now and we're not together always as before but still you know that I’m your friend and I will always be your friend.

Thank you so much for the very cutie lovely pink t-shirt. I will wear it on summer because you know I cannot have it now.
It's so cold..hahha. Har det då bra och vi ses igen någon gång.


pdkamath said...

Both of u r looking gorgeous

Jenny said...

thank you....