Nov 19, 2009

Shy's schedules

Our very good friend and our blog mentor Shy is having her first Philippine vacation since she got married and came here in Sweden.

Her flight schedule will be on 2nd of December and she will be staying in her hometown, Davao until March. There will be few celebrations on her personal and married life that she will be celebrating it with herself and with her family.

Since she will not be in Sweden for few months, she's planning to do a party before she leave. Just today she informed me about her vacation party on the 30th of November and all our Filipina friends and classmates are invited. To make it difference, she will prepare Swedish food instead of Filipino food. Palagi na lang kasi kaming rice and Filipino foods everytime my party so she will make it different naman with the help of her husband. I'm sure it will be fun and as usual Filipina bonding that it seem there will be no tomorrow...hahaha.

Looking forward for our party. Thanks
Shy for the invitations.


S-H-Y said...

It is very sweet of you to post about it..thanks :)..

David Funk said...

This is very sweet of you indeed, Jenny! I'm sure it will be a great time for you all before she leaves.:)

Me said...

Anha ko ha? hehehe!

good night!

Bang Del said...

Hello Jenny :) Coming from Indonesia to meet you :)

Lindz said...

wuhooo party na sad, nindot na uy, mag yakyakan na sad hanggang buntag lol

Anonymous said...

I always love party. I read that Pinoy usually have a great party. Full of foods and full of laughter. Especially party to celebrate friendship ^^

teJan said...

weee! mao ba la lagi ko invita ni shy..ching!!! luoya..huhuhu! drama!