Nov 10, 2009

couple's corner #5: The day we said i do

It's Couple's corner once again and the topic of course the day we said I do to our partners in crime...hahaha

Rodliz’s Nest

Actually, after my hubby's proposal, I thought that it would be just it. I mean, nothing more to come...heheh how weird I am right?

As simple as it was, almost the same situations as
Rodliz story. It was just, one day when I was in my office doing my usual day works, he sent me an sms telling that he wanted to meet me lunch time. Of course I just thought it was just our lunch date as we used to do.

While eating, he just asked me "Dear, do you think we can get married the sooner the better? I mean tomorrow?"...whattttttt? as in tomorrow, I said...heheh... I told him ”it’s possible since I knew a person who’s working in city hall”....hehhe

When I came back to my office, I called directly the person that I know in city hall. Then she said no long as your husband to be has all his needed documents. Without my knowledge, he had already everything he need...hehehe... ready ang lolo ko...hahahaha..

So that was it, the next day we went to city hall and got married. It was as simple as we wish. I didn't have my family with me, nor my hubby's family. Actually I found so stupid after that ceremony because I didn't bother to invite my sisters...goosshhhh....

Actually we did like that because we were planning to supposedly get married before I could come here in Sweden. We were expecting that my visa would approve at least one year but luckily I got it just 4½ months... Then no more wedding ceremony in Philippines...

We are planning to get married here in Sweden by next year when I’m already Swedish. Maybe month of September and by this time, we will invite my eldest sister, Marlyn to come and witness us.

Just and information, to all my legal documents, I am still using my family sure name. Not my husband's name. Due to some reason when we "got" married...


Mom of Four said...

Hehehehe! OO nga ano, pareho tayo halos ng situation. Well, ang importante eh we are married to the men we love di ba? Kahit wala tayong families na nag attend sa ating wedding ceremonies.

Sweet nga yun eh..kadalasan, long engagement can lead to separation pa, hehehe! kaya, sige, kasal agad.

Why do you have to be Swedish before you can get married? If you don't mind me asking. You

Lindz said...

oh wow quickie pala ang nangyari ha, hindi ka na niya tinigilan hehehe... it's wonderful naman.. yeah how come you want to be swedish first? oh well kahit na pano basta kasal ulit at handaan pa hehehe... I'm going to Norway on January 2011 inbitado ako ha hehehe just kidding!!!

Cecile said...

congrats in advance on your next wedding ceremony next year :-)!

thanks for sharing your story!
mine is here:

Anonymous said...

love your story sis!

sweet_shelo said...

wow, instant na instant pala sis ha.. All I thought na dito sa corner na to ako lang ung medyo di grand na wedding.. Glad you shared your story sis.. Kakatuwa talaga kayo.. hehe

Rossel said...

handang-handa hubby mo. hindi naman sya mukhang nagmamadali. lol!

kidding aside, ayaw ka ng pakawalan kase baka wala na syang makitang kagaya mo.

next year, you can walk down the aisle. congratulations in advance!

Kero said...

i think all quickie weddings are romantic hihihi

ayaw ka na niya talaga pakawalan and i'm glad because every Filipinas is worth a bride and a wifey.

Like you, i was alone on my wedding day as well.

Congratulations on your big church day. I bet you will be a most glowing bride.

my entry is here

Chie Wilks said...

wow...ang bilis naman ni hubby dear mo in nirush ka talaga...ayaw nang pakawalan... it was all good though...talagang ganyan pag inlove..

congrats to your another big day sa church wedding mo next year