Nov 8, 2009

i wanna dance

Just an information, my late father was one of the very good dancing king in our province dance floor. And I’m the one who got his talent of dancing. I can dance but not as good as he was.Just yesterday, I asked my husband if I could enroll in one dance school. It's no problem to him so we went directly to the dance school. Their first requirement after my registrations was to have my own pair of Dance Shoes that I can use for our dance lesson.

No problem, I said to my teacher will be, because I said, it's very easy to purchase my own dance shoes from just for kix online store. Its affordable shoes and for sure very comfortable.

I cannot wait to start my dance school.
I really wanna dance. Shall we dance?


Khim said...

Can I join you dancing?
Love to dance too....

Jenny said...

sure why not..atleast you can teach me, right?

Jen said...

i love to dance too Jenny!have fun!