Nov 8, 2009

tickets to Denmark

Today, me and my husband went to "central station" here in Gothenburg to get our train tickets to Denmark.

As I said, this trip of ours is just
another birthday gift to me from my hubby. As well as this is just our bonding moments together.
This will be another adventure for me and I cannot hardly wait until our trip. Actually still more than 2 weeks...hahahha...I'm just too much excited.

Here are our train tickets. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.


Khim said...

can I follow?

Jenny said...

Sue..but you must buy your own tickets ha...hehehehe

Mom of Four said...

wow, you must be really excited. Sarap kayang maglibot, we have to do that too, just me and my hubby, kaso wawa naman mga kids, hehehe.

pdkamath said...

Wish you a happy journey

Anney said...

Have a nice trip!! I'm sure you'll have tons of fun!