Nov 16, 2009

love candies

Oh how I love candies and I cannot stop myself not eating every day. Almost every other day, me and my husband bought kilos of candies and eat it anytime we wanted. Just yesterday we bought 2 kilos of different kinds of candies and it's almost finish now.

Eating too much candies or sweet candies is not good for the teeth. I really want and like candies but how could I protect my tooth from tooth decays?

I tried to surf the net any possible things that I can do to avoid tooth decaying. But I didn't find anything about it instead I found this
bulk candy that even I eat as many as I can but I will not be afraid of losing my teeth.

They have different kinds of candies. I like this
Vintage Candy because the sweetness will satisfy my teeth. This type of candy with a taste of delicious peanut butter covered with milk chocolates. Oh love it...

Specialty Candy shops is the best I could have to. They have different sweet candy that I can choose and buy it from them. Also they have different brands, colors and sweet taste.

Do you love candies like me?

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