Nov 12, 2009

pancit queen

Last birthday party of mine, I cooked plenty foods because I was expecting at least 10 visitors but unfortunately only 5 came.

I woke up that day very early so I could start cooking earlier. I was expecting my visitors around 11.00 but as I said to my party post, Shy came around 9.30am.

The first dish I prepared that time was my favorite macaroni Filipino style and my own style. Since I couldn’t find all the needed ingredients for that particular salad, I used some unidentified ingredients but in fairness tasted so good.
I remember when we had parties before in my province; it was always me cooking pancit. That’s why my relatives call me pancit queen...hehehe. So of course in my party here in Sweden, I still bring my crown as pancit queen. I cooked pancit and that was the first food that finished.

I love cooking and I love to eat so whenever I wanted to cook, I just open our freezer and cook. I love also experimenting different kinds of food. Maybe I’m taking wrong course now.hehehe. I better take HRM for me to continue my cooking hobby?
What do you think guys?


Khim said...

Hej Jen!
allt väl?
Här är jag på rätt väg efter en tuff förkylningen....
Culinarian is the right path to go if you want to continue your hobby, cooking...that´s would be´s easy to find a work if you had a swedish culinarian ed.

Good luck my dear friend you got more time to think...

Wow pancit that´s my favourite dish I always had pansit home canton or bihon is really delightful..
Don´t asked me why? I just love pancit! hehehehe!

må gott...


What all is in it? I love veggies... Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you, Jen. And have a large bowl of your pancit as well LOL

Happy Birthday, Jen
God bless you and your family always..