Nov 11, 2009

too much work

Few days ago, I was texting with my brother who is currently taking care of our farm. We have at least few hectares of rice plantation, different kind of fruits, lot of different kind of plants and dozens of animals. Lately my brother seems cannot handle everything because too much work in our farm and it’s harvesting time for our rice. Of course we have some people who are helping taking care some part of our farm. But my brother is complaining about our animals.

Animals must taking extra care especially now that it's always raining there. The other day, there were few of our chickens who got freezing due to raining too much and they got wet. Of course the goat who are always afraid of water and our horses and cows. The only animal that it's not really a problem when it comes to raining are our carabao. They don't care of rain or shine...hahha

SO my brother needs to go to our farm everyday to look after everything. Oh poor brother...hehehe...SO if he cannot go there in a day, he must say it in advance to our neighbor, cousins or uncles to just take care everything there.

Too much work but harvest much as well…


Khim said...

Jenny naa moy bayabas ug caimito aroy gimingaw na gyud ko ana nga frutas...?
nice subject...mingawon man sad ta sa kabasakan...wala bay leech didto sa inyo basak...?

have a nice evening
Thanks sa adds ha..keep in touch

Mom of Four said...

brother mo nagrereklamo ng too much work..ang iba nagrereklamo kasi wlang work..hehehehe!!! nice farm you got there..kahit kalabaw lang ang nakita ko, di ba ang kalabaw eh naglulublob sa putik? tapos nilalamok ang taas ng ulo, hehehe.