Nov 22, 2009

newly wed gift

A friend of our just got married last week. Actually they both a family friend of my husband and my husbands family count them as sister and brother.

Since they're are newly we now, they wants to start in family as early as they can. They will move into their new apartment as long as the furnitures and all connections are installed. The main reasons that they don't want to move to their apartment now becuase they dont have yet their satelite TV at home. They love to watch tv and they love sports, films and ofcourse the everyday news.

My husband's family knows about this senario so they're planning to give to the newly wed a Direct TV Satellite TV as a gift. It will be much help to them if they have this kind of TV atleast they can watch whatever chanels and shows they want.

I hope they will be happy and stay together.

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Wilma said...

Best wishes to them. May they live happily forever!

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