Nov 7, 2009

another gift

As you all know guys, I just celebrated my 30th birthday. As well as, I posted here my gifts from my friends, my in-laws, my sister and of course my hubby. If you could remember, I got a cute birthday card from my hubby and cash inside. I thought it was just that but then he told me he has another gift for me.Yes I have another gift from my husband. This will be happening on 21th of November. Me and my husband will travel for few hours to Denmark. I am very innocent about taking a train. Of course I take train almost every day to go to school but what I mean is a train that is more faster that I take every day and at least it will take few hours travel. So that’s why my hubby gives me another gift as traveling to Denmark for few hours by trains. We will just stay in Denmark for few hours and be back here in Sweden before midnight.

I’m sure it will be very exciting for me and for sure I will have so much fun. I’m acting like a baby but gossshhh it’s true it will be my first time to take this very fast train…hehehe Good luck to me.

Tack älskling for another gift. You’re spoiling too much… Jag älskar dig

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Dhemz said...

wohooo..gana kaya ng bday treat ni hubby sau sis...indeed...he's spoiling you too much....4 years ahead ka pala sakin sis...but you still look like 5 years younger though....

btw, I want to ask your favor if you could help us vote for Akesha...your support means a lot..salamat!