Nov 2, 2009

different helmets

My husband used to use his motor bike before to go to work. Despite of avoiding the traffic, it was also less expenses and easy to parking.He was doing it for a quite long time when he was still having his Street Bike Helmets but the helmets got broken when it was fell down. So from then, he didn't use his motor bike anymore until it got broken as well.

Just few days ago, we talked about buying a new motorcycle. He was trying to fix his motor bike but unfortunately he couldn't fix it anymore. He is planning to purchase new one the sooner the better.

He knows already what kind of motorcycle he will buy but he cannot decide what kind of helmets he will have on. He has some choices of helmets. He likes this
AGV helmets because seems very fit to his head and very good quality. Of course I can suggest him about what helmets I like and I like this arai helmets because I like the style and looks. Both helmets are very durable and good quality but of course my husband must choose just one. Too much if he will buy the two helmets.

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