Nov 21, 2009

hire a car

Me and my husband just came home from our train trip to Denmark and we are very tired because of the uncomfortable seats in the train.

My husband wants to rent a car next time we will travel around Europe. Of course having a car is more comfortable and no need to hurry to catch up the next leaving train or airplane.

Directly we came home, we checked through the net on where we can find the
Best Car Hire that we can rent wherever in Europe. We did not decide yet where in Europe we will go to the next time but we have choices already. Our choices are London and Rome, the Europe country that I dreamed of since when I was a kid.

I'm sure it will be easy to rent a car where in Europe we will go.
I cannot wait for our next journey around Europe.

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GIOVANNI said...

How are you sis? God bless always!