Nov 12, 2009

online shopping

Laziness cannot be avoided in some people's life and I am one of them...hehehe. Some of my friends think that I am very boring and lazy. I like to just stay at home, surf the net, singing, or whatever as long as it made me happy in some way. For instance my husband asked me yesterday to met him at the grocery store to buy some of our needed things at home but I told him I’m lazy....

When he came home, he was little bit angry because when he needed something but unfortunately we didn't have. It was out of stocks and it's too late to go out and buy some.

So instead he just surf the net and didn't talk to me for a while. Then suddenly he was asking me if I want to buy some online stuff. Of course I didn’t know what kind so he said
online grocery shopping that he thought I will like it.

I was very happy when I knew about it because in this online shopping, I can choice any food foods from different countries which are very much perfect for my taste.

So at least now, I don't need to go out and buy some things from our grocery.
I can just order and buy it from internet.

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