Nov 10, 2009

today's horoscope

My day will not be complete without looking or checking my horoscope in life. I don’t why I used to do it. I found it interesting even if sometimes, it’s totally opposite of what are happenings in my life. And there are times also, that really fit and meant so much to me… Hmmmpppp am I weird? Hehehe…sino ba ang marunong mag Madam Auring diyan sa inyo?hahaha joke

Just today, I checked my horoscope and this is it:

You may really begin to see some benefits from the current planets as your house of friends becomes active today, Scorpio. It not only looks like pleasant associations, but like favor regarding work and even financial gain could come through those with whom you share common interest. One thing though, doesn’t volunteer your services for anything, unless you have the time to give away. Someone you know may think that their status as a friend gives them a special discount as far as doing business with someone else is concerned.

What do you think about my horoscope guys? hehehe…


Lindz said...

hhmmnnn more blessings is coming..

lolit said...

hehehe, parehas tayo, ewan ko ba? kahit medyo weird minsan, cge pa rin.
sana makatulong ang mga ito kahit konti,wag lang yung mga wierd na horoscope natin, hahaha.