Nov 1, 2009

our tradition

Personally, we have some kind of tradition which until now we still do it and still almost all the way and beliefs are still there. As our "araw ng patay" we used to have our own little remembering and doing some things to share it with our love ones who already passed away.

I grew up in our province with this kind of tradition. Every 1st of November we used to cook foods to share it to our dead love ones. We used to have more than 3 different foods in our serving table which we will dedicate to them. My father died almost 5 years already, my both side grandparents, some cousins and some relatives. So all the foods that we put in our table with lighting candle are for them. We will serve or put our "halad" in our white table, then pray the rosary and pray one by one in silence. Praying one by one is the time that we talk with them in our hearts and hoping that they enjoy and like our foods that we serve for them. After that, we will start to eat the rest foods but we will not eat yet the foods that we serve in our white table until few hours.

Today my family in Philippines did our yearly November 1 tradition. We have some visitors (our cousins) and my mama cooks all my papas’ favorite foods. While she was cooking, she makes sure that papa will like all the foods and she’s acting like papa is looking at her while cooking.

And every 2nd of November, we used to visit the cemetery and light a candles to all our dead love ones.

To all our love ones who passed away, we love you all and may all of you rest in peace. To my father, don't worry about us papa. We're all fine and we're taking care of each other especially our "bunso" (Annie)... We tried our best to take care mama same as you took care of her even if we know that we cannot replace you to her heart and soul. We really love you and we miss you so much. How we wish you're with us now and see our developments in our respective happy lives.

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Jen said...

hi Jenny!we have the same traditions also and we do the same way in my "probinsya" namimiss ko yan at masaya diba?