Nov 16, 2009

blocked machine

Me and my husband trying to log on into my internet bank today but unfortunately something happened.

We have different banks and we have of course different PIN codes. Since he's the one expert about our banks he did tried to log on to my bank because he wanted to transfer money to other account. But due to new bank account and new card, we forgot my PIN code. The small machine or my code box machine just allowed 3 mistakes and it would be block. Since we didn't remember my code, we were guessing and tried it until it was 3 times already and blocked...huhuhuh.

My husband called directly to the bank but unfortunately they wanted me to call them and give them my code which I received from them few months ago. Gosshhh I’m so stupid because I don't know where I put it and I don't remember either the first code.

I knew how stupid I am for being so careless of not saving my important documents. But at least I managed to call the bank. I spoke English coz I know I would understand well if English than Swedish. Just a moment ago, we fixed my code problem and have new code now.

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