Nov 20, 2009

trip to Denmark

I posted here last week about our trip to Denmark as one of the birthday gift to me from my husband. Yes tomorrow will be our trip to Denmark. Just one day trip. It will take at least 3 hours to go there and 3 hours back by train.
I'm very excited because it will be my first time to go in Denmark. Actually, we've been passing Denmark many times when we drove to Germany but we didn't have the chance to stay in Denmark and take a look of their city. So tomorrow will be the perfect time to take advantage and look their progression.

I keep asking my husband about anything on the train because I never take train before. We will go to the main city of Denmark, Copenhagen. I don't know if we will buy something there because it's more expensive there than here in Sweden. Maybe just eat lunch and snack there and if we still have time, we try to buy some souvenirs.

It will be an exciting bonding for me and my husband tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone.

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