Nov 26, 2009

new watch

I was planning to buy another wrest watch even if I have already few. These are some of my watches.I was in the store few times already and looking for watches that I love and like. I am little bit choosy when it comes to my watches. So I was choosing few pair of watches and decided to buy that one that I really like but at the last minutes I changed my mind due to some reasons.

A friend of mine, tejan who's always been generous to me said that she still have some discount at one jewelry store which happened that the watch that I really love was there. Me, Shy and tejan went there together but unfortunately tejan forgot her coupon discount. We went instead to another store just supposedly looks but I found the watch that I’ve been looking.Even if tejan doesn’t have the coupon, still I bought the watch (look at the picture) that I really love. It was half price and its good brand so I grab the opportunity of buying it. AS you can the pictures, it's blue inside as my favorite color.

Good day everyone...


SHY said...

wOw dami nmn ng relo, bigyan mo nmn ako kahit isa lng lol..

Me said...

wala koy relo...pwede mang.huwam hehehe....mao na imo collection Daj?