Nov 24, 2009

play station gift

My nephew Marc is turning 12 years on January. He is our first nephew and we didn't notice that we are spoiling him too much. From his daddy to his mommy and all of us that's why on his age, he doesn’t know how to take shower alone, prepare his school uniforms and other more.

Last birthday of him, he was asking me a new play station. He really loves to play play station but he has just the old version. I told him to ask his daddy since his daddy will give him anything he wants but unfortunately his daddy don't give him but his daddy will not give him now. He's like my son and I accept the fact that I am spoiling him also even if I’m far from him.

I told him that if he will continue to learn things that he must, and remain to be the first honor on his class, then I will give him his dream
PS3 on his birthday. I know I promise already when I told him like this but it's worth it.

So as of now, I am looking for new version of play station as his gift. I am looking for the best on Xbox 360, PS3 and a pc version for laptops so that he can have it or install it to his laptop or his personal computer.

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Anney said...

Galante naman ni tita!! Your nephew is so lucky to have u as his tita.