Nov 15, 2009

different online games

I'm sure it's not only me who’s getting addicted of different games on face book.

Of course my blogging addiction will not be taken from me. I love it and i like and love blogging.

It seems my day will not be complete if I will not open my face book account and check my games. At first I was only addicted to Farmville, then I learned the (Lil) Farm Life. I thought that was it but then I tried to open other games and without my notice, I am addicted to them as well.

But as my husband told me, if I will just play games then maybe it will take few years for me to learn and finish my Swedish course. He told me to better study my Swedish book than just playing…hehehe. Of course I reasoned out about it. I said, I learned from my games as well because it's English and you know that I have English subject and i love playing my games.

For my own sake, I tried to minimize my playing addictions. As of now I’m just playing my Farmville and (Lil) Farm Life, my fish world and my word game Scrabble. Beside of face book games, I am addicted also to literati (like scrabble) on yahoo. I miss some of my other games but i must stop playing them...huhuhuh

I don't know when I can stop this addiction of mine...hehehe

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