Nov 24, 2009

my books

There are some people who don't really like to read and there are also some that love to read but didn't learn new words or still poor on grammar.

I am one of those who are still poor on grammar and still didn't learn more new words. I really love to read since when I was still in high school. When I was still in Philippines, I used to read Tagalog pocketbooks. I didn't really care whatever Tagalog pocket book was it as long as I could read it.When I met my husband, I upgraded my reading status into English pocketbooks...hahaha. My husband really likes to read. He will not sleep as long as he cannot read even just few pages of his fiction or thrilling books.

Since he is like that, I am adopting his reading addictions. I couldn’t sleep directly and seems very difficult to sleep if I don't read my book.

Here are some of my book collections. I love all of these books and I read them all already. At the moment, I am reading Swedish books. Hoping to learn more Swedish words and hoping to at least learn more on Swedish grammar.

Happy reading everyone and have a good day.


nancy said...

wow, that's impressive jack...i have some of sidney sheldon's books too.

btw, off the topic. na try mo na yung paypal wishlist jack? it's something fun and interesting, kung di pa, here's the link:

join kana ha para lahat tayo merry on Christmas :D

pdkamath said...

Hey Jenny, Your book collection is really good. During my college days I also used to read many English novels.

Laine said...

hi jen, oist fave mo din pala mga books ni sidney sheldon parehas tayo. and parehas din tayo loves to read books pero til now my english grammar is not that good too kaya wag kang mag alala di ka nag iisa. ewan ko ba...*sigh* :)

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