Oct 12, 2009

Shella's birthday

I will write in advance about two birthday celebrations tomorrow. My ever dearest and best teacher Anna – Karin Bauer and my new found friend Shella. But I will write now about my new found friend Shella.

Shella is a Filipina originally from Iloilo, Philippines and I just met her this term. The first time we (Shy, tejan and me) met her was our normal first day of school. We were talking and laughing in one table then suddenly here comes Shella that without hesitations asked us what subject we shall have to go.

Directly, I found her friendly and also the way she spoke makes me more interesting because of her way of speaking. I can understand and speak Ilonggo and Shella's mother tongue is ilonggo. I asked her in Ilonggo but she answered me back in Tagalog which I felt embarrass but then she said she's ilonggo.

Tomorrow is her birthday and she invited me and my other Filipina friends and our classmates on her birthday party. We that are invited on her birthday tomorrow don’t know what will be our gift because she had everything. She has lots of things that we know she can afford...hahaha...

Happy happy birthday Shella. . Thanks for being so friendly to me and for being so open about your life. I'm proud that you count me as one of your true friend here in a foreign land. See you tomorrow. God bless


David Funk said...

Very sweet of you to post about your teacher and new found friend!

Happy Birthday to Anna and Shella!

sweet_shelo said...

How nice of you sis to have a post for your friends bday. Happy bday to her!!!

Today is the bday of my hubby.. hehe..

Jenny said...

David and Shello- im always nice and sweet to all my friends and it's my honored to post them here on my blog..thanks for the words..