Oct 12, 2009

exciting and fun

My birthday is coming so soon and until now, still my husband doesn’t know what he can give me on my day. This morning he was asking me if I have any gifts suggestions to him instead of he will just guessing and maybe it will end up nothing.

He said, you better suggest a thing or anything at least I know and I have a clue on what you want. He even said maybe you want to travel and do something that exciting and fun or maybe some adventure. I just told him that "traveling and do some exciting adventure will be very good". I didn’t say any places or activities yet because I must find something where I can have fun.

When he left to work, I directly went to my computer and was trying to find something that I could suggest to him on my day. I almost give up trying to find something to suggest my husband but suddenly, I found an interesting site that captured my attention. I found this
swim with dolphins in the Caribbean and I cannot stop myself feeling so excited.

I know it will be very fun and interesting while
swimming with the dolphins and at the same time playing with them like a person. Oh it will be very fun diving, swimming and playing on the water together with the dolphins.

I’m sure my husband will love to do this. It will be a very memorable and expensive gift I could ever have and at the same time it will be very fun and exciting.

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