Oct 19, 2009

bad breath problem

Opss having bad breath?

There are lots of people who have problem of having bad breath. I know that there are a lot of ways or things that can use to avoid bad breathing.

I know someone who has a problem of bad breath and he knows that he have it. Despite of being handsome and friendly he is, still it's seems that he has nothing because of his bad breath. One time, he asked me why seems his friends avoiding him every time he talk and why they're covering their nose when he is talking. I just being honest to him since his our friend, so I told him that he had a bad breath.

He was very embarrassed because he just thought that it was not as he thought. I told him to use
bad breath mouthwash for his bad breath. I told him also that using mouthwash will not only to avoid bad breathing but also to help cleaning the gums, feel fresh and seems love to smile every time thinking of having a good and fresh mouthwash.

After our conversations, he directly bought a mouthwash and used it directly. As of now, he is not that bad breath anymore.
Good atleast he follow what i told him.

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