Oct 13, 2009

Shella's party

As I posted yesterday, today is the birthday of my new found friend Shella. I posted also yesterday about my teacher's birthday but I’m wrong because her birthday will be on 29 October...

But anyway, I Shy and our other Filipina friend (Jen) went to have party in Shella's house today. We came there at around 11.00 and helped her cooking and preparing her party. She divided her party into two. We were the first batch and then there's another batch around 4.30.

We started her party around 12.30. We ate, and ate and ate and ate...hehehe gossshhhh we was very full. Shella prepared plenty of foods which we almost cannot handle to eat more...hahhaa.. Ang takaw namin as in talaga... Her menu was, Filipino pancit (I cooked), fried chicken, pork soup with vegetables, tacos (Mexican food), pork with bagoong and ampalaya, lots of fresh vegetable salad and other more. I didn't remember the name...sorry...hehehe... And for the dessert was, macaroni salad (Filipino style) and of course her very yummy cake. It's her birthday so we sung birthday song to her and she blew her invisible candle...hahaha...

To Shella, happy happy 37th birthday. I know you have a happy life. Just wishing you good health always as well as your family and more birthdays to come. Thanks for today. All the foods were delicious and yummy.
See you again, soon...take care


Weng Forsgren said...

happy b-day to her. one more additonal friend. That is good, that we are gaining friend everytime.

Jenny said...

yes additional friend...atleast nadagdagan mga friends ko..hehehe

Dhemz said...

woi dami nyo nang kakilala jan sis ah.....good to know! the more the merrier....hehehe!

oh ic...3 subjs pala kinuha mo.....that is good....pang ilang sem mo na to sis?

nako ako din, bukas nga...midterm na namin....hehehehe...kakaloka!

sige, daan me muna dito....mag study pa ako....ingat...good luck!