Oct 27, 2009

memorable place

As you all know, me and my husband went to a cheap store and bought some stuff and after our shopping we went to my sister-in-laws summer house. While on our way home, we dropped by in one of a memorable place of my husband.

My husband did his military training when he was 20 years old and he did it in a place 2 hours drive from our home now. In that place there were lots of unforgettable experiences, difficulties of his training and of course some funny things that they did together his classmates.

Teenager life... All of them were boys and if boys are together, there are lots of "kalokohan" happening...hehehe. I don't know what those are i just know some...
We drove there and I took some pictures of my husband’s memorable place.

Ps. This place is no longer military camp training. It's a school now.


Lindz said...

galing ah, nagreminisce kayo nilubos lubos nyo na talaga ang pag dadrive aorund nyo

sweet_shelo said...

Hi sis, thanks for sharing the memorable place of your husband.. School na pala cya ngaun..

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comments guys..yes its really fun and touching to see the memorable place of our partners..