Oct 7, 2009

learn, teach and grow

As always, I directly went to my laptop when I came home. As usual I just wanted to surf the net and find some new interesting things and sites. Today I found a very interesting site where it can help to those who are planning to study and become as teacher someday, as myself wants.

There are some best school who can give the best
Classroom Management where students can study comfortably and can concentrate well. The rooms where the students will start to learn, teach and grow.

They have also the best and helpful
Assertive Discipline to all the students. They will give fairly discipline to all the students and make them as good students as they are.

Teacher is their first course which they will give the students who wants to become a teacher a
teacher training for them to familiarize on teaching world. It’s not easy to be a teacher so it will be very helpful for the students or soon to be a teacher to have training before they will start their profession.

I want to be part of this kind of learning center for me to be able to learn more on how to be a good teacher since I am studying to become a teacher someday.

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