Oct 22, 2009

plans for her baby

My preggy sister will give birth second week next month and she's very excited of her baby girl. She has already different and lots of plans for her coming baby and she will make sure that everything she's planning will become true.

One of her plan is to audition her baby in different commercials, films or whatever as long as it will be fun for the baby.

She found and interesting sites a
Baby Photo Contest where she can join her baby. She’s very excited about it and she knows it will be the way to more contest that they can join.

On this particular contest, there can also the children can join the
children in film. There needing lots of children for their Children Acting Indie Films. My sister knows that she cannot put yet her little baby there but she make sure that as soon as the baby is qualified for their next filming then they will join the next audition for my sister's baby girl.

It sound very advance and early planning for my sister's little girl but she know that this is one way of see how life is be. Good luck sis and to your little baby girl.

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