Oct 30, 2009

coming birthday

Just few more days and it will be my birthday. I will be 30th and seems just yesterday I celebrated my 16th birthday.

My husband asked me what I want as a gift on my day but I didn't know what I want. It seems that I have everything emotional and material thing so instead I said it’s up to him. He cannot decide either what he will give me. After few days of discussion about it, he asked me a "birthday wishes". It doesn't matter if it will be material things, emotional or whatever as long as I wish and I will be happy whatever he will do.

So I gave him my lists of wishes. It’s not only material things but some favors, emotional things and of course some corny and non sense wishes…hahaha

But until now, I still don't know what will be the gift I can receive from my loving husband but whatever it is, I’ll be very happy and thankful. Being with him is the best gift I could ever have.

To my husband, älskling whatever gift you will give me, I’ll be very happy and even if you will not give me material things, you know that emotional and being with you is the best gift. Jag älskar dig jättemycket...


David Funk said...

Jenny, I'm aware of your birthday having seen it on Facebook. We were both born in the same month. :)

I know you will get what you want and deserve for your birthday my friend. :)

Khim said...

wow...that´s your big day!

Lindz said...

ohhh happy birthday in advance Jen... am bata bata mo pa pala, lola na ko hehehe... I'm sure he will have a surprise for you

Misalyn said...

Advance happy birthday!!

Like what you have said, it doesn't matter whatever kind of gift you'll receive from him, just being with him is the best gift ever for you.

That sounds so sweet..actually nakakakilig.

Again, advance happy birthday, hopefully your celebration will be a blast.