Oct 11, 2009


I was talking to my preggy sister today through internet and she was so happy informing me our aquarium. As I saw our aquarium last time I was there, there were only few fish and few corals but now she said we have lots of fishes in different colors and live coral which add more beautiful in our aquarium.

She had a hard time looking for a new aquarium that she really wanted. It was not easy to find
Reef tanks for her new collections of fish and corals. She said that they found some tanks that are look perfect but then she was not convincing of the quality of the tanks. She really wanting to have the tanks where she knows that her fishes and coral are safe and can swim and move anywhere.

As of now, she's still adding more fish. She's buying
saltwater fish. She is using sea water or what we called salt water so that the fish can live like in the sea. The small fishes will not die fast if she will use salt water.

Even if she has already plenty of fishes but still my sister wants to buy more fishes in different colors, sizes and faces...hehehe. She wants to buy more corals and other things that she can put and decorate to her aquarium.

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