Oct 17, 2009

saturday shopping

As our usual bonding day, me and my husband went to a store where we bought some Philippines products.

Today we went to different stores where we bought different foods. We was first on Asian store there we bought Philippine foods (lucky me pancit canton and noodles, sardines, magic creams biscuits, tanglad, safeguard soap and my very sweet zest-o mango juice). hahaha am I enumerating???? Yes I am and it's obvious ...hehehe

Then we transferred to another store and proceed our shopping.
That second store that we've been too was the store where you can find Iraq or Iran products but of course there are also from other country and Asian products as well. There we bought our boxes of chocolate wafers. These chocolates are from the "former Yugoslavia country"... Gossshhh these are very delicious and yummy...

When we came home, I directly cooked my pancit canton and ate it...ohhh it was really so yummy. I really miss pancit canton.

How about you guys? What have you been up too? Happy weekend everyone.


teJan said...

waaa pancit canton..tsalap yan!

Weng Forsgren said...

I also had a huge shopping yesterday saturday, my first time ever. A huge shopping that I almost regret after I counted how much I spent just for only one day.I got shocked huh?
but anyway nomore shopping for me until after one year.

BTW, philippine food, I love it, i used to shop here too, I bought one box zesto mango juice and one box gina mango juice and 1 liter gina nectar mango juice, may kasama rin bagoong, ginamos ang 6 diff.sort of can goods, noodles etc. naku ano ba to nag inumerate na rin haha. ganyan talaga no pag malayo tayo sa atin, we are always proud pag makahanap or buy filipino foods.

happy sunday Jen

nancy said...

i never ran out of lucky me pancit the hot chilli ones. they're best paired with that magic flakes and iced! simply great.

glad to know we have things in common jen :D

Jenny said...

Guys thanks so much for the comments. Gossshh pancit canton is one of my favorite..i love it and i really miss it..heheh

Weng, are you sure hindi ka magsashopping for one year?hmmpppp dont think so..hahaha joke. I love bagoong but then si hubby ayaw ng ganyan. minsan nagagalit ako sa kanya kasi gusto ko talaga kumain ng bagoong..ok the kain ako pero pag wala siya...hahaha

Nancy - yessss we're common in some foods..hahaha deal with it