Oct 21, 2009

duplicate my files

It was not only one time that my computer got broken. It happens many times already and it was all unexpecting.

There were times that I lost all my documents, pictures and some personal files that I saved to my computer thinking that it would be safe there. Then suddenly I got problems "some kind of virus" which made my computer stop and not working anymore. Of course we were trying to fix my computer as we could but unfortunately we didn’t.

It was late already to recover all my files and I regrets of not saving those files into another drive or hard disk for my own safety. Since then I make sure that I have save all my files into another dish or I make sure that I save my entire file into
duplicate file finder that my husband fixed for me.

So when my computer got virus again last few months ago, I was not really sad at all because I know that all my files are safe and still I can open it into another computer. I don't want to regret anymore about anything can happen about my files so I make sure everything are safe and save.

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