Oct 9, 2009

call my family

Being far from my family is not really easy. Here in a foreign land where only my husband and husband’s family is my family and I don’t have any of my family nor relatives that I can be with. At first it was really difficult especially when it comes to communication but at least now; I can communicate and talk to them.

My family is always my family and as much as possible I want to talk to them every day. We used to chat through internet but it's not the same as talking to them where I can hear their voices.

I used to call them using my
Prepaid Phone Cards in my phone. It's not questions on how much I will spent for the Phone Cards that I used when I call them. The important is, I hear them and talk to them that seems we're just in one country.

I used different
Calling Cards every now and then. It depends on which phones I use. I do it because I will know which cards are cheaper to send sms or to call.

So as of now, it’s not really a problem for me if I will call my family. It’s very easy to buy card from internet. In just a few click, phone will be loaded.


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jodi said...

thanks to the gadget because through these hi tech gadget we are able to connect to our love ones when we are far from them. smart blogger