Oct 3, 2009

drunk roommate

I was chatting a while ago with my brother who's currently working in Kuwait as a waiter. I was worrying too much when he said that he was almost into jail. What??? As in jail? but why?..hehehe.

They were at their friend birthday party and one of his roommate got drink. My brother holds some money of his other roommate. That money he said is for betting the fight of Mayweather at Marquez . Then the owner of that money borrowed from his own money for their transportation's way back home. The drunk roommate got angry to my brother and said too many bad words... (as in super minura brother ko). My brother was not drunk, not even little.

My brother didn't bother his drunk roommate but his other friends who was with them, got irritated and got angry. They make "bugbug" to the max of their drunk roommate. And the drunk one tried to hit my brother but at least he didn't make it.

For some reason, they brought the drunk guy into the hospital and paid the bills. All of them divided the hospital bills (even the drunk one). They agreed not to tell the police or else all of them will be in jail for at least 3 years... As of now, they're all friends again and back to normal. I hope that the drunk guy will not fight back.

To my brother, just take care always. Don't be like someone else there who didn't "make" their self promises. I miss you and I hope all your dreams will come true.
See you and I love you

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