Oct 15, 2009

my choice

As I posted here few months ago, our house is still not yet finish due our budget. We're almost done on our living room and two bedrooms. As of now, carpenters are doing our masters bedroom and our bathroom. Our masters bedroom is already chosen. I mean our mother decided everything on it since it will be her bedroom.

On the other hand, our bathroom will be mine. It will me my decision what I want on our bathroom. As this morning, my mother asked me on what kind of Bathroom Vanity I want on our bathroom. My mother said that I must decide soon what I want because my brother will buy the supplies.

At first I’m thinking to have
Teak Vanity since the color of our house is just plain black and brown. If I will choose teak furniture on our bathroom, it will be fit to our color motif. But then I remember that our house is copied from my grandmother house. We call it our traditional house since we copied it from our grandparents.

Since its traditional house, it will be perfect if I will choose
Traditional Bathroom Vanities with black and brown colors so that it will be same color as our motif. It will be very beautiful and relaxing traditional bathroom.

I hope it will be finish soon because I’m excited to see it and I’m sure my family would love my choices of bathroom furniture.

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