Oct 15, 2009

our checkep up

Me and my husband went to an optician today for our eye check up.

I have my eyeglasses since when I was in high school but then I’m not using it all the time because I feel uncomfortable. I always have my eyeglasses when I’m reading, using my computer or if I have headache.

So today we went to an optician and checked our eyes. My eyes not getting worst and I don't need to have new graded eyeglasses. I will just continue using my eyeglasses and try to avoid reading in some low light.

As my husband also, he's using eyeglasses since he was teenager. And as his yearly check up today, he's eyes is still the same. I mean it's not getting worst either.

So to those who don't have eye problem, be careful. Take good care of your eyes because eyes are very important to our daily life.


sweet_shelo said...

huhu .. i have a bad vision na sis.. and it keeps on getting worse.. it runs on our family..

Jenny said...

shelo...naku sis take care of your eyes... buti na alng sakin hindi na lumala pa..heheh