Oct 21, 2009

leather boots

Despite of having not really good Tuesday, I'm happy in anyhow.

I have some pair of boots and shoes but still i wanted to have new one. My husband told me that if i would buy new boots or shoes, it would be better to buy branded one or something that at least it will stay longer.

Of course i would love to have branded things that for sure it will stay some years of using it. And as for me, i love branded things which i have some...hehehe...

So my husband bought me a new pair of leather boots which has a very good brand. I'm not sure but i think it's Danish brand. It costs little bit expensive but at least its worth it.hehehe

Here are some of the pictures of my new boots which i took last night and today.

Thanks älskling for the new boots.Jag älskar dig


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Misalyn said...

That's a nice pair of boots. It looks so the brown leather.

First time dropping by here...was directed here from ate Lolit's page.