Oct 22, 2009

found it fun and exciting

Rodliz’s Nest

I was visiting some of my friends blog site and I found a very exciting and fun "meme" that I cannot stop myself not asking who the owner is. I just want to join their one way of sharing their partners in life and I am proud to share mine as well so I asked Rodliz, happened to be the owner of this CC or Couples Corner if I can join it.

Just a few minutes after my message to her, she replied me and telling me that I am very much welcome. Of course I don’t know yet how it works so I asked her again on how to join and start it and what topic I will start to write. She said they just wrote two topics. Last week was”personal information about you and your partner" and yesterday was "the first time we met".

I told my husband about it and he said, have fun and just ask me if you need something. Hehehe...

SO as the start of my Couples Corner, I will write the first post that couple’s corners member wrote. This couple corner is only every Wednesday.

Thanks Liz for accepting me and for teaching me on how to do this.

I will write my first and second CC topics this afternoon... thanks and God bless


Mom of Four said...

Thanks Jenny, can't wait to read your entries.. It's never too late to tell the world how wonderful your partner is. And I believe that when he reads your entry about him, he would be so happy.. I will be looking forward to your entries every Wednesday, and so as the other members of Couple's Corner.. Different love stories that will make you reminisce the past.. make you smile and will make you fall in love with your husband, over and over again.. Have a great day to you and your husband..

Jenny said...

I love to share our love life thats why i found very interesting when i read this cc... Posting here soon my first entry...heheh