Oct 28, 2009


Last Monday, I had time to talk to my Swedish teacher and it was the time that I would know the results of my first exam with her.

My time was 9.45 and I was there before the said time. We started our meeting exactly 9.45 and she showed me my developments or undeveloped since our term started. (She was also my teacher last term Svenska Grund).

At first she already told me that she was very disappointed on me. She knew how good and how I developed my Swedish subject last term. And now seems everything just still. I'm not developing and seem I’m not learning new words this term.

Plus the fact that I didn't pass our exam. As in I was not even closer to our passing score. I was very much disappointed myself as well. I know how good I am before but I am just standing here now and I know I don't have plenty new words.

SO instead I told to my teacher if possible to repeat next term. I want to repeat for me to learn more because I know that the next term which is SAS B is the most difficult one among all. It will not be a problem if I will repeat and it will be more advantage if I will do it for my own sake as well.

One reasons maybe why I don’t learn more Swedish words because I have English subject as well and same as math. Meaning all my subject are so difficult (for me).

Shameless but I want to repeat next term for my own sake also.


Mom of Four said...

Ay naku, ganon talaga, wag kang ma disappoint, you did your best, but.. ang hirap kayang mag aral ng ibang language noh.. buti na lang, english speaking ang asawa ko, kahit paano eh marunong na ako mag inglis.

Misalyn said...

If you gave your best, you shouldn't be disappointed.

I remember my children when they were here in Al Ain, UAE, they need to study and learn 3 languages at the same time..French, english, and Arabic except Tagalog because it's our mother tongue.

Patience...and more patience plus eagerness..if you are eager to learn, for sure nothing is impossible.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comments...yes i must study hard and be patience..