Oct 24, 2009

our shopping

As I mentioned to my last post, me and my husband shall drive to a store where can buy anything on a cheapest prices but same quality as here nearly our house.

Yes we've been there today. We've started to drive around 5.50am and we came there The store opened 7.00am today and we arrived there almost the opening time but believe it or not we was in long, long, as in long line to go inside the store. Unbelievable people who went there and bought lots of things.

At first my husband would wanted to wait for at least half an hour to just less people but I really wanted to go inside because I knew that it wouldn’t less but for sure it would come and come more and I was not mistaken. When we were inside the store, gosshhh we couldn’t almost move freely. As in people was everywhere and so many...hahaha. But at least we managed and bought all we wanted to buy in just more than 2 hours. Huh!!! That was too much working actually.

Here are some of my pictures that my husband took to me today.
Happy weekend everyone.


Mom of Four said...

You had a blast shopping today. My husband doesn't like shopping, especially if it's crowded. I go by myself on a weekday, so less people. Or I can ask him to come with me if it's like 9-10pm where there's not a lot of people around.

Your good would last you for at least a month. It's just the 2 of you there.

I* am glad you had fun!! Have a gret weekend Jenny.

nancy said...

your shopping bags look just as happy as you :D

David Funk said...

The shopping bags did grab my attention, and they definitely fit your cheerful personality. I'm sure some people were more interested in having "frowning" bags with all the people there though! Hehehehe.

Thanks for sharing the good time you had my friend!

Lindz said...

hello... you look like you had fun shopping... that's great... just foudn your blog

Jenny said...

Thanks guys for the comments. Gossshhh been a long day but atleast it was fun...