Oct 31, 2009

halloween party

I was chatting with my youngest sister today and she was very excited of their Halloween party next day night. At first she was confused about her Halloween attire. She decided already what Halloween costumes she will have but then she cannot have it anymore.

They had their last meeting yesterday and each one of them must have different costumes. At first she wanted to be a nurse with blood all over her body but then when they had their meeting yesterday, their Halloween party planer decide their costumes and let them pick a small paper where there was written what will be the costumes. They cannot choose what they want. She picked an any fairy Halloween costumes. Even if she doesn’t want to have a fairy Halloween costumes, she doesn’t have any choice. She must follow and obey their rules.

She asked me if I can suggest her any kind of fairy costumes. At first I don’t really know what to say because I never and haven't attended any Halloween scary party. As I told her, we had Halloween party before but we did it without scary costumes instead we did it as usual sleeping costumes.

But since she asked me suggestion for her attire, I helped her finding the best angel costume. We found this
village wench Halloween costumes where there are different and lots of Halloween attire for my sister can choose to.

It's not easy to choose among those beautiful and very nice fairy attire but she must decide the sooner the better because of course she must buy it or order somewhere. She decided to have this Black gothic fairy.

To you my dear sister, enjoy your Halloween party. It will be your first time Halloween party and for sure you will have fun, you can treasure it forever and you will never forget this unforgettable moment in your life. Take care and be good fairy to your party, ok?

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Lindz said...

the nurse uniform with blood would be a good idea... shame she didn't get to wear it...