Oct 6, 2009

geometry exam

I wasn't able to post yesterday due to my eagerness to pass my exam today.

I was studying my mathematics "Geometry" for me to take a chapter test today. I know it will not be so difficult but still i must study and remember the technique on how to use it. It will just make me confuse about the different names of the shapes and if i must use multiplications or division? hmmpp i will find out later.

I have as well degrees which is more difficult. It's different degrees and it will more complicated to solve this degree problem. Gossshhhh how i wish my husband can go with me in school and will be beside me while doing my text...hahaha. For sure it will be perfect...

One more problem is, it's Swedish words so there are some "problems" that i don't understand the situation... How i wish i can have English math..hahaha

I wish my self good luck for my geometry exams and hope i can pass it.

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