Oct 8, 2009

in her position

Due to my busyness, I wasn't able to ask my sister on how was her OB consultation last oct.6. Today, we wasn't able to chat also because she was not online when I was so when I was on my way to school, I sent her sms and asking how was her ultra sound and how’s her baby.She was very happy and thanking so much because her baby is in her position now. I mean the baby is already in position to o out. My sister was in bed rest almost all her 7 months pregnancy and at last the baby is in her position now.

Her OB advice her not to do the pregnant exercise at least 1 week because the baby is just in position. She must wait at least 2 weeks and she can start her pregnant exercise. She doesn’t have yet her baby things and she's very excited to buy it maybe on Saturday together with my mama and my sister. Ohhh how exciting to shop baby stuff. so cute and lovely pink color...

At least now, she will not worry about her baby situation even if the baby is very small...hehehe. She will have normal delivery on the 16 of November.

Of course as her sister, I am excited to know the name will be of her baby girl but she didn't tell me yet what will be the name. For sure it will not be only one name...maybe 3 or 4 names plus the sure name but at least the sure name is too short. Only 3 letters words.

To my sister, I will wait when you will tell me the name of your baby. You know how excited i am. Keep safe and healthy and congrats in advance "mommy Gina and daddy Edwin".


jodi said...

glad to hear that your sister is ok now, god bless you and good luck

Jenny said...

Yes sis she's ok now..thanks sa lahat ng nagpray for her and ofcourse kay Lord...

Happy weekend