Oct 4, 2009

her celebration

I posted here last 16 of September about my preggy sister's birthday. I wasn’t able to chat with her many days due to time differences and the last we chatted, we were just takling about the typhoon and flood in the Philippines.

Today we were able to chat about her birthday celebration and how did she celebrate it. Even if she has risky and difficult pregnancy, she wasn't forgetting to thanks the Lord for all the blessing in her life. Despite of the doctor’s advice that she must just lay down in bed for almost all of her time, she was able to go to Baclaran church where she lighted candles, attended the mass and pray. After visiting the church, she went home and had small celebrations together with our family and some of her friends.

As you can see on her pictures, she gained more weight now and look chubbier that the last pictures I took , but still pretty. She said that her baby, seems really want to go out now because keep on moving on her womb. Sometimes her baby wakes her up in the middle of the night...hehehe..

On the 6th of October, she will have her ultrasound. This will be the time that her OB will tell her if she will have CS or normal delivery. This will be the time she will know if really 100% baby girl. Good luck sister and God will be with you all the way.
I love you and i miss you...


Anonymous said...

Aahh..glad to hear more news from Gina now. Send my hugs for her, Jen. And Happy Birthday, sis.. Hope everything will be okay with your baby. God bless you always...

Jenny said...

Thanks mommy Ris. Im sure she will be happy knowing that you send hugs to her..thanks and God bless

Weng Forsgren said...

happy b-day to your sis jen.
first bb na niya? ana jud na mag gain jud og weight pagmabuntis rem. ana hehe.

wala pay snow dri oi pero tugnaw na. during night time -degrees na,
This morning when I left to work 2 degrees lang, it was cold and windy but need to work to survive, alam muna mahal baya dri sa sweden kailangan jud kayod hehe.

mas tugnaw dri sa north kaysa diha sa inyo. sus kung dri kaya ka no hehe.maayo inyo diha kay di man cgro tugnaw kaayo. murag mauna mi permi naay snow dri.