Oct 20, 2009

mothers gift

My mother, or mama as we call her will celebrate her 50Th birthday this coming January and we want everybody to be there on her special day. Of course despite of being far from her, I make sure that I have contact to her anytime I can and I always give her gifts that I know sometimes she don't really need it.

The last gift that I gave her was a cute notebook where she wrote some of her plans. A day planners notebook where she just wrote few pages. Hehehe

On her next birthday I am planning to give her a
Photo Album where I will put some of our family pictures, her memorable pictures and of course a picture of her and my father. I'm sure she will love it because at least she can look our days that we were still kids, a whole family with my father and an unforgettable event in our lives as a family.

We have lots of
Photo Albums at home where almost all of our pictures are there. But some of the albums are already old and need to change. So giving my mother another album and put there our pictures will be a nice gift for her.

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