Oct 20, 2009

this was my monday

Today was not really a good day for me for some reasons that I cannot write it here. It’s little bit personal and it will be for us who are involving on this particular situations.

As usual Monday, I went to school and did our English activities. With chin up and proud as I am for always the best in our English subjects. Me and my group mate did the best “graduation speech" in our English subject today and we're very proud of what achievements we had done today.

While doing our speech, one of my group mates made me irritating for some words which she thought I didn't understand. Shame of her...I do understand more than her...hehehe. But my teacher supported me and told her that "I am fluent and understand more English than almost the rest of my classmate"...hahaha ang lapad ng atay ko...

After lunch, I went to my mathematic subject which made me sadder despite of my Filipina classmate who made some funny stories. Funny stories were just the first part of our chatting, then someone (our friend) open up about her married situation which made all of us sad. Of course supporting each other was the best we could do. (As we always do)...

There was more sad and unbelievable story when I came home. But all I can say is, things must have acceptance whatever situation in life it is. Just trust each other, have acceptance, honesty and LOVE then everything will turn well.

This was my monday. How about you guys? What have you been up to?


David Funk said...

Sorry Jenny to hear that you didn't have a good Monday my friend. I do hope and pray everything will be okay for you.

Best wishes always my very dear friend.

Jenny said...

Thanks David for the words...i'm sure yesterday was the one of the saddest day in my life...huhuh