Oct 16, 2009

very difficult exam.

OMG as in gossshhh what a difficult exam I had today.

Usually I don’t have school every Friday but if we have exams, we are scheduled to have it every Friday. Not on our normal day. Today was our first exam on our Swedish subject (SAS A)... I thought that it will be same reading the text exam (läsförstoelse) as same as my usual exam before but then I was very surprised when I read the text. It was very difficult wordings. There were some alternatives that we should choose to answers the questions but then almost all the alternatives are the same and fit for the questions. Of course it seems so because I didn't really understand all words.

Learning and studying language is very difficult and for me it seems I almost give up...grrrr... I'm sure I will not get a high score on my exam today. I'll be very thankful if I will get passing score. I cross fingers...hehehe

But in anyhow, it was our first exam and we will have more exams before our national prove which is the most important one.


Beng Gee said...

Don't lose heart Jenny! You can do it! Go go go!!

-Tita Beng

Joops said...

Good luck for more exams to come!