Oct 22, 2009

Couple's Corner # 2: Our first hi...

I just joined today this Couple's Corner. This meme will be post every wednesday but since i joined little bit late so i will post my two posts. I did already the first one and this is my second one. Thanks Mommy of Four or should i call you Liz?..hhhmmmppp
Rodliz’s Nest
Here are our words about our first meeting. Not really in detailed but at least you will know on how was our first feelings and reactions the first time we met.

SO here i go...

All I could say the first time i saw him was...wowwwwww...oppssss...hehehe. I was not expecting that he was that tall and gossshhh ang gwapo... Natakot ako kasi ang laking tao at higante sa tingin ko...hehehe. But I got little bit disappointed because he was smoking... (but not now. He stopped smoking for more than 2 years now). He recognized me directly and gave me the sweetest smile he could ever do. We shook our hands and took taxi to Greenbelt where we had snack at star bucks Greenbelt.

It was very easy for me to be comfortable and seems we get along with easily. We didn't have yet bf or gf relationship the first time we met so it was just a usual friends bonding. We spent our day in Greenbelt, Glorrieta and Landmark malls and we met my sisters who were there also. Ate our dinner together and went home to our respective places. That night after our meeting, we texted until early morning...hahaha

My hubby's words:

The first time I saw my Jenny, I was not expecting about everything to her. As I though, she is not that tall and she is skinny but then when I first saw her, everything was opposites. She is tall that I never expected, sexy as she is until now and the girl assets (boobsy) that she has was very impressive.

It was very easy to get along with her. She's friendly, smiling face, nice person in and out and very hospitable. I like the way she talked to me the first time. Generally, I like everything on her (the first time we met)...but then I discovered something about her that made me think. She was very conservative that I could never ever hug her nor kiss her good bye...hahaha.

But all in all, she's my dream girl and she's totally the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life.


Mom of Four said...

Aba, at sa Philippines din kau nagkita, wow!! ang daming mga love stories na ganito ah..Nagbasa basa ka na ba ng ibang entries?? sa Greenbelt, hmmm..Well, that first meeting turned out great, kasi na attract ka talga sa kanya. Wow! And vice versa, siya din, na attract sau, hehehe, mga guys talaga, laging unang nakiktia ang hinaharap natin. Ako wla eh, hehehe..Siguro ng makita ka ni Lennart eh (she's the one for me) na agad siya, di ka na niya pinawalan..

Great story huh..I love it. Thanks for joining. Until next week.."We're In Love" would be the title.. I can't wait....

Misalyn said...

First time dropping by here.

What a wonderful love story.If my memory serves me right, I read one entry of chubskulit that goes something/almost same as yours..a Filipina married to a foreigner.

Have a lovely weekend.