Oct 20, 2009

high school reunion

As I open my friendster account this morning, I saw an interesting bulletin from one of my friends who happened to be the sister of my good friend when I was in my 3rd years in high school. The title of her bulletin post was "Griffinians??? you are invited”. It captured my attentions When I saw it because I am from Griffin and I am proud of being the fruit of my Alma matter.

Queencil or Marie posted and informing all Griffinians that she is planning to have high school reunion or alumni on 2011. Still more than a year from now but she informed us earlier so that we can prepare and plan on what we will do on that day.

Of course she cannot make it or organize it alone so she's asking some of us to help her planning and preparing for our big day. This will be the first reunion in our school.

Personally, I am very excited about this plan and I will help Queencil to prepare our events. Even if we're far from each other (she's in Canada) through internet we can plan and make our dream reunion come true.

So to all Griffinians, prepare and welcome to our big event. Welcome back to, Colonel Griffin National High School.


jenie said...

yeah..reunions are quite fun!

Jenny said...

It ill be our first high school reunion so for sure fan and historical...