Oct 26, 2009

adventure day

Shopping is fun but expensive....hehehe. Me and my husband spent some thousands of "crowns" (money) yesterday but at least we don't need to buy some of our supplies for few months.

After shopping yesterday, we supposedly drive through my husband's auntie but unfortunately we forgot the way to go there because the way that we know was ongoing men at works...hehehe. So instead we drove to my sister in law's summer house. I didn't know which is more closer, my husband’s auntie's house or his sister's summer house. I don't really know... hehehe.

We had an adventure drove to my sister in-laws summer house for almost 2 hours. We got little lost on our way there because my husband didn't know the way from that store we've been to, but if we're from (our house) Gothenburg, so it would be easier. But then we came there safe and happy.

We stayed there only few hours since we must drive back home. If we stay there longer, it might be dangerous because it was heavy rain and was starting to get dark. We came home safe, tired and very sleepy...hehehe...

I took some pictures on our way to my sister in-laws summer house. Here are some of the beautiful autumn trees and wet roads. Enjoy and have a good day.

Kindly scroll down to see the pictures:thanks

    infront of my sister in-laws summer house

    beautiful autumm trees

    Ulricehamne where we would go. Just few more minutes drove

    just a view in Ulricehamne

    the wet road that we've been passing through

    view outside the summer house


Lindz said...

Hi ang sceneries almost the same here in Australia (some parts)... maulan pala diyan ngayon? dito din kasi eh... kakapagod nga mag shop till you drop and then magbiyahe biro mo aga nyo pala nag umpisa... I bet now nagta try ka na ng mga pinamili mo hehehe....thanks for the visit back anyway... have a lovely day

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comment Linz. Actually hindi nakapamili ng cloths. as in super daming tao halos hindi kami makakilos..hehehe

take care